Sunday, March 31, 2013

News updates regarding a contract of cooperation between Asia Africa Foundation and the government of West Sumatra

In November 2012 the Asia Africa Foundation (AAF) has signed an agreement with the government of West Sumatra on cooperation development disaster recovery, Wednesday (7/11) at the Auditorium governorate of Sumatra. Organization under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) will disburse funds U.S. $ 4 billion in 10 years, which means 400 million USD per year for recovery projects in West Sumatra after the disaster. The program will be funded by the AAF in line with the core program of the AAF and the United Nations which humanity develompement, disability issues, disaster, energy development, food security, health and medical.

Following up the signing of the agreement, The AAF has established WSRP (West Sumatra Reconstruction Program) and  pointed Fahrurrazi Chaniago as a Chief , and also held a closed tender to elect Project Management (MP) as implementers development projects in West Sumatra. after the fairly selection process, based on several criteria, the AAF at the end of February 2013 has appointed two (2) companies as a Project Management company who will work on the construction of hospital projects M. Jamil Padang, Padang Governor's Office and the Grand Mosque. 

M. Jamil Hospital as the province's main hospital was badly damaged after the aftermath of the earthquake, building conditions and the condition of the provision of medical equipment is very bad. seepage and leakage of hospital waste, which is one of hazardous waste happening around The hospital. The hospital equipment supporting facilities are woefully inadequate and not in accordance with the basic standards set by the WHO, even to the ICU and ER facilities are poor and do not support the public services conducted, These conditions is surely very apprehensive. considering M jamil is the main Hospitals and a referral hospital of five provinces. 

At present the AAF has appointed PT. Hendika Prima Utama (HPU) as Project Management for managing Hospitals construction in accordance with the letter of appointment no. No. 011/AAF-SK/III/2013 dated March 11, 2013. Furthermore, the Project Management will work with the Hospital Management M. Jamil, to appoint Main contractor managing the construction.

until now the project management, WSRP, the AAF and Hospital Management is preparing all supporting documents required in the implementation of development projects Hospitals M. Jamil including letters to the Indonesian Central Government, including the Department of Health and Department of Public Works.

the AAF wish all documentation and all things supporting the implementation of the project can be completed as soon as possible of course with the support of the Government of West Sumatra so that the project can implemented immediately.


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